Blogs To Read: May Favourites


Throughout the month of May, there were many bloggers whose posts I had been introduced to. While the events of May weren’t always the best, I managed to find comfort and enjoyment in these girls’ posts; each one writes in a different way and I simply adore each and every one of them.

My first favourite of May comes from Sophie Cliff. Sophie’s blog is one of my more recent findings and I absolutely love it. The way that she writes is so beautiful and emphatic, and I literally can’t choose just one favourite post. Some of the ones that I absolutely loved in May were her ‘How to visit New York on a budget’ and some of her mental health posts including this one.

Gemma’s posts are always full of helpful advice, relating to everything from Instagram to Pinterest. Even though she hasn’t been blogging for the longest time, she seems to have a great in-depth knowledge of the blogging world and I absolutely love the way that she writes her posts. Gemma’s recent trip to LA has also given me serious wanderlust goals; you can find all of her beautiful pictures on her Instagram.

Chloe is fast becoming one of my favourite people on the internet. I can’t wait to meet her at the #BloggersBall later this month, and I’m sure (I hope!) we’ll get along so well. Her blog is all about a Northerner’s guide to living in London (hence her blog name) and her posts are so well written and it’s fascinating to learn about her life. I particularly enjoyed her post about the ‘Money Diaries’ as I found it so insightful.

The second Chloe of this list is the wonderful Simply Chlo. Although she hasn’t posted on her blog too frequently over the last month, I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting to her over on Twitter and seeing all of her beautiful Instagram posts. You can also see her most recent blog post here which explains why she’s been so busy recently! I deffo think we would get along (and not just because we’re both 19 and called Chloe…).

Caroline seems like the most lovely, down-to-earth person ever. Her witty tweets are always a joy to read and she documents all of her life experiences on her blog. I particularly loved her post dedicated to her friends and her post about her insecurities in May. Caroline is so inspirational and her personality really shines through with the posts that she writes.

I’ve followed Rhianna for a while now and I was so excited when she launched her new blog (and her newsletter which you should deffo subscribe to if you haven’t already!). Her post about her birthday weekend in Liverpool has made me really want to visit there as it looks so beautiful, and it’s not too far away from me! She also posts the loveliest Instagram pics which you should also be following if you’re not already!

I absolutely adored this post from Lauren as she talks so admiringly about her dad. It’s inspired me to write my own post about my dad for Father’s Day so look out for that soon! Lauren documents her life all about being a student and I love her guest posts in which she invites other student bloggers to talk about their own university experiences.

I loved Lois’ post about turning 21 and her plans for her future as she finishes uni this year so it was interesting to see what she’s got planned for the next part of her life. Her Instagram images are also so beautiful and she seems like such a lovely person.

Paula’s blog is absolutely visually stunning, it quite literally defines the word ‘#goals.’ Packed with stunning photography, useful tips and enjoyable content, it’s safe to say every post of hers is inspiring. My favourite post of Paula’s in May was her ‘226 Blog Post Ideas’ as it is one of the best lists of ideas I’ve come across on the internet.

I’ve only just recently discovered Terri’s blog but I’m already obsessed. Her post about her trip to Barcelona left with me serious wanderlust, and I’m certainly tempted to book flights there for mine and Matt’s summer holiday! I absolutely love the layout of Terri’s blog and all of her images are so visually pleasing.

Which bloggers have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


43 thoughts on “Blogs To Read: May Favourites

  1. Such a great post idea Chloe! I love that you’ve shared so much love about bloggers you’re loving too! It gives people like me the chance to discover new blogs that I’ve not come across before too! I’m going to head over to everyones blogs after this and have a good read!

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  2. It’s great to see bloggers being so supportive of each other and writing lovely posts like this, sharing positive vibes with the whole community! You’re a total sweetheart! I really need to check out Chloe’s Money Diaries – it sounds so insightful! Thanks for this really sweet post, it brought a smile to my face!

    Abbey 🐬

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  3. Such a lovely supportive post! Exactly why I love the blogging community. I now have even more tabs open on Safari for me to read 🙈 Thank you for sharing xxxxxx


  4. I always love these kind of posts and am still surprised that there are so many great blogs out there that I don’t know about. It’s lovely to see bloggers supporting each other and spreading the word.


  5. I love these post! As a community we need to focus on the positives and sound out the negatives! I absolutely love Gemma and lauren! They are two of the best out there. So supportive.

    P.s so are you! 😂

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  6. I love finding new bloggers and posts like these are so helpful. I have not heard or seen anything from these bloggers apart from Chloe so it will be lovely to read through their blogs. xx

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