My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Favourite Instagram Accounts

It’s no secret in the Blogosphere that Instagram has been a *slight* pain of late. What with the algorithms and ‘bot gate’, it can be acknowledged that it’s potentially one of the hardest platforms to grow on. That’s why today, I wanted to share some of my fave Instagram accounts with you all, you may follow some of these babes already but if you don’t, you should deffo go over and give them some love!

Oh, and you can also follow me on Instagram here if you wanna be a total angel <3.

The first person on my list is Lily because both her Instagram and her blog are just absolute goals! Lily’s photos are so beautiful and so aesthetically pleasing; you can really tell she puts effort into creating gorgeous content and taking amazing photos.

people to follow on Instagram

Another Instagram favourite of mine is Gemma from This London Life. Her Insta is full of the most gorgeous pics, most recently of her pics from New York. As New York is one of my absolute favourite places in the world, her uploads definitely left me feeling a *tad* jealous!

best Instagram accounts

Francisca has one of the most beautiful accounts on Instagram. Her feed is always full of the prettiest makeup, including pictures of the most gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. Her blog also always has the most beautiful photographs.

Who should I follow on Instagram

Maria is one of my favourite people on the Internet, so it’s no surprise that her Instagram is also just insanely beautiful. Whether she’s travelling or just posting selfies, I can never get enough of Maria’s Instagram.


The amazing Instagram account that is worldwanderlust is filled with the most beautiful pics of the world. Her account will genuinely want to make you hop on the next flight and go travelling around the world for a year…

Best instagram accounts

Leonie’s Instagram is always bursting with the prettiest pictures of her travels; she truly has one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ accounts.

Who to follow on Instagram

Lauren’s account is potentially my fave one on Instagram, her cupcakes are absolutely stunning and they look so delicious. Every picture is just absolute ‘goals’ and you should deffo be following her if you’re not already!

Best Instagram Account

I’ve been obsessed with Katy’s blog, Twitter and Instagram for a long time now; she just seems like one of the most lovely people ever. Her recent trip to Singapore has left me really desperate to go there…

Instagram accounts

Corrie’s Insta is nearly always filled with the most gorgeous pink photos, as well as pics of her adorable dog. You can really tell how much work she puts into her account because it always looks flawless.

Best Instagram accounts

What’s your favourite Instagram account? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


34 thoughts on “My Favourite Instagram Accounts

  1. I can’t believe that apart from Corrie I don’t follow any of these instagram accounts! That’s going to change right now, gonna’ go and follow them all! Thanks so much for the great recommendations xxx

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  2. I love Instagram, especially for looking at other people’s picture for inspiration but have always struggled with it myself. I don’t know whether to go for an Instagram theme or post my pictures as they come and I always change my mind on whether I like my pictures or not. Thank you for sharing these Instagram accounts I am going to follow them now. xx

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  3. I’m an instagram addict and I’ll certainly be giving some of these lovelies a follow! I’ve already followed you! I love the colours of itslittlelauren’s theme – oh the days of being able to have a continuing theme!! Personally, I love RhiannaOlivia’s instagram and JoesphBurrows – certainly instagram king and queen for me!


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  4. I’m always looking for more people to follow on Instagram, so this was a great post for me! I love the aesthetic of itslittlelauren’s feed, I am always so in awe of anyone who can stick to an Instagram theme, mine is a bit all over the place and I need to get into posting more regularly again! Thanks for sharing your faves with us, I’m now off on a follow-spree!

    Abbey 😘

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  5. I loved this post – It’s always so interesting to see who other people follow and I’m aways surprised at how many accounts there are that I don’t know about. I’ve nipped over to follow you plus a few of the ones you’ve recommended. I love Lauren’s Insta too – her feed is just gorgeous!

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