Year From Now: Goals – AtoZ Day 25

red roses and goals

The grammar police in me is very aware that the title of this post doesn’t make an awful lot of sense but I was determined to keep the AtoZ theme throughout the whole month!

I digress, today’s post (as you can see from the poorly composed title) is all about the things that I want to have achieved in a year’s time. It’ll be sort of like writing my New Year’s Resolutions now but it’ll be from April to April instead of January to January…

This time next year I’ll be 20! I WILL BE IN MY TWENTIES! My mum has already had a number of mini freakouts about this fact as she can’t quite believe that she’ll have a daughter in her twenties. So, seeing as I’ll be a fully-fledged adult by this time next year, I thought I’d put together a list of things that I want to achieve by then, or at least be on my way to achieving…

I will have completed my apprenticeship by February next year, so my first major goal would be to have secured a full-time job in digital marketing with the company that I currently work for. I love my job and I love digital marketing, even though it wasn’t a career that I’d thought of exploring until recently.

My second major goal is to work extremely hard on my blog to make it a space that I’m proud of. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the AtoZ Challenge this month and it’s brought me a lot of experience already so I definitely want to try and improve my blog even more. I’d love to try and attend a few blogging events and I would like to try and meet some of the bloggers that I’ve been talking to on Twitter.

I want to spend more time with my family this year (and mum, if you’re reading this I don’t mean babysitting!;) ). I’d like to go on more days out with my family, especially as I don’t live with them anymore so it’d be great to see them more.

I’d like to travel to a few different places this year, I’ve already got Dublin and Venice booked but I’ve got my eyes on Spain and New York too and I’d love to travel to some smaller European cities as well if possible.

I’d like to continue going out on dates with Matt; since moving in together we’ve still managed to have a specific ‘date night’ every week. I’d love to continue doing this as it’s so nice spending time together doing specific things like going to the cinema and going out for food, rather than just spending every night watching Netflix.

I’d also love to try and get my makeup to the point where I actually like it, rather than constantly wishing I looked more like the girls on Instagram…

What goals are you working towards this year? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


8 thoughts on “Year From Now: Goals – AtoZ Day 25

  1. Great goals! I’m sure you’ll do well and achieve them all, and enjoy your trips! Venice is really nice and I’ve always wanted to go! Katy x

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