X Factor: Have I Got What It Takes To Be A Successful Blogger? – AtoZ Day 24

The X Factor

I first started blogging all the way back in 2013 when I first started watching YouTube and reading the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr’s blogs. However, that blog has long since been deleted as I put very little time and effort into it, and at 15 years old I actually had very little to talk about except for GSCEs and house parties…

Since then, I’d like to think both my writing and photography skills have developed somewhat and the vast amount of blogging resources has enabled me to become so much better. Since getting my job in digital marketing, I’ve also learned a thing or two about the way that things like SEO work and hopefully I’ll be able to make my little blog something I can be proud of.

However, it can also be widely acknowledged that blogging has advanced enormously somewhat over the years, and there’s now more “competition” than ever. There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers all over the world now, all trying to create the best content that they possibly can. Although, I don’t think that “competition” is the right word. After all, we’re all just trying to make our mark in the Internet world, but why does that mean we have to bring each other down in order to reach the top?

Thankfully, in the short time since I started this blog I’ve only ever experienced great things from fellow bloggers, but I am very aware that this is not always the case. Some people can be pretty harsh and even jealous, criticising other people’s content and generally not being supportive. I think in order to become ‘successful’ in the blogging world we have to all stick together. That includes following people on Twitter, (and actually sticking around and not unfollowing straight away…) retweeting and liking people’s content, commenting on blog posts and just being supportive.

With the blogging world growing and advancing at an unbelievable rate, it can be said that it takes a lot to have what people would call ‘The X Factor’. I often wonder whether I’m going to be good enough to succeed in the industry, and I don’t mean getting all the brand collaborations or gaining the most followers. The way that I’ll consider myself successful is if even just one person reads my blog and enjoys it, or someone engages in a Twitter chat with me; that’ll mean so much to me.

How do you define your blogging success? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.



7 thoughts on “X Factor: Have I Got What It Takes To Be A Successful Blogger? – AtoZ Day 24

  1. I agree on the harshness side. Blogging can be seen as quite difficult as it is a big community but im sure you will get somewhere. Ive been doing mine for half a year now. Im happy just steadily progressing 🙂 xxx

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  2. Really interesting read and I feel like I know what you mean, it’s hard to know if you’re heading in the right direction and if things are going to work out the way you want them to etc. For me my definition is success would just be to have people who genuinely enjoy reading my blog and if they found it inspiring, helpful or comforting in some way.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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