Our Life Story Review – AtoZ Day 15

Our Life Story review

If you saw my Grateful post then you’ll know that I’m an incredibly sentimental person. Therefore, Matt thought that it would be a good idea to buy me the ‘Our Life Story’ diary for Christmas. It’s like a HUGE journal that you can fill with soppy couple stuff about your life together. Yes, it is quite nauseating if you’re not into all that romantic crap but I am such a hopeless romantic, so I love it.

There’s an abundant amount of lined pages that you can fill with memories and anecdotes of your lives together. There’s also a blank page on the other side where you can put pictures or drawings. You can put whatever you want in it, whether that’s little stories about your day or huge, live changing events like moving in together; it’s great because it’s so personal.

The diary allows for 100 years of memories together, you know, if you want to be together that long ;). The book is split into the four different seasons so you can sort of structure your year and clearly see what you did.

What do you think of ‘Our Life Story’? Is it too soppy and emotional for you? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


our life story review




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