Louboutins: The Most Beautiful Shoes In The World – AtoZ Day 12

Christian Louboutin shoes

Are these not just THE most beautiful shoes in the world?

I’ve been obsessed with Christian Louboutin shoes probably as long as I’ve been obsessed with Tiffany & Co. jewellery. Oh god, that makes me sound SO materialistic doesn’t it?! I promise that I’m not at all, I just really appreciate these beautiful shoes. I’ve never been bothered about clothes shopping or anything like that but one thing that I do love is looking at pretty shoes on the Internet.

I got these beautiful babies for my birthday a couple of years ago and they’re the prettiest shoes I’ve ever seen. I think that they’re the most sophisticated shoes basically ever, and I always feel like I’ve walked out of the set of Devil Wears Prada whenever I wear them. I’m not 100% sure which ones they are but I believe they are the Very Prive Patent peep toe heel. I’ve also just Googled them and seen that they have them in red and pink and now I’m currently lusting after them.

louboutin high heels

They’re certainly not something you could just pop into town and buy as they come with a very hefty price tag; they’re definitely something to be saved up for and then treasured forever. Even though they come with a nearly 5″ heel, they are still comfortable and make your legs look as toned as Shay Mitchell’s.

What do you think of Louboutin high heels? Would you consider investing in some? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


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