Jewellery Staples – AtoZ Day 10


IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Although, as this post is scheduled in advanced I can’t actually tell you what I’m doing as I don’t know at this very moment, but if you head over to my Twitter (shameless plug) then you’ll be able to get all the gossip!

This is by no means a showing off post, I simply just want to share my love of beautiful jewellery with you.

My love for Tiffany & Co. jewellery started a long time ago and I don’t really remember why; I think it probably stems from watching a rom-com (maybe Bride Wars?) and then my obsession spiralled from there. I could honestly spend hours looking at all the diamonds on the website.

I got my Tiffany necklace a few years ago for my birthday and it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever owned. I wear it nearly every single day and I am so incredibly lucky to have it in my life.

Tiffany and Co

For my 18th birthday, I received the matching earrings from my amazing aunty who had [drunkenly] promised me a pair a long time ago and said that they would be my 18th birthday present. I can’t believe that she bought me some and I actually cried when I opened them! Having a matching pair of earrings and necklace means that you’ve basically got your life as together as when you’re wearing matching underwear!

Another jewellery brand that I absolutely adore is Pandora. My friend bought me my first Pandora bracelet all the way back in Year 8 and over the years I’ve collected quite the selection of charms. Every single charm means something to me and almost tells a sort of story, for example, I bought some of the charms when I went to America to visit my family and therefore the American flag reminds me of them. Some of my favourite charms include the ‘infinity’ charm, the ‘sweet niece’ charm and all of the Christmas themed charms.

What’s your favourite type of jewellery? Which charms are your favourites? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.

Pandora charms


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