Day In The Life – AtoZ Day 4

MacBook Air

Today’s post is all about what I do on a normal working day; I thought I’d go through my usual morning routine as well as some of the tasks that I do at work, and then my nighttime routine.


Matt’s alarm usually goes off before mine as he has to get up slightly earlier than me for work, but as we sleep in the same bed, I always wake up at the same time. Whilst he’s in the shower, I go downstairs and make breakfast for us both. My usual choice for breakfast is poached eggs on toast (which you’ll see more about in tomorrow’s post) and a cup of tea.

How to make poached eggs

After breakfast I get dressed and do my makeup and say goodbye to Matt (he usually bikes to work) and then I set off at about 8.40am.

Zoeva makeup brushes, Nars, benefit


My working day usually starts off with me reading through emails and replying to any urgent ones. My boss always asks the team what our plans are for the day and I write my own daily plan out. My days usually differ, depending on what needs completing that day but most days usually involve writing and scheduling blog posts, writing out meta descriptions, doing Ad Copy and redirecting 404 error pages. If you read my Apprenticeship update post, then you’ll know more about what my job entails but that pretty much sums it up.

Throughout the morning, there’s an awful lot of snacking that goes on in the office, as well as the occasional little discussion about the song on Absolute 80s radio! For lunch I usually just bring my own in (usually in the form of a Pot Noodle) and then it’s back to work for the rest of the afternoon.


Home time! It usually takes me about half an hour to get home even though I only live ten minutes away from the office because the traffic is always so bad. When I get home, I sit and talk to Matt for a while and we discuss how our days have been and then I’ll do some blogging or general writing before dinner.

Breaking Bad Netflix

On a night, we like to watch at least one episode of a series, lately we’ve been watching Breaking Bad and I’m still not 100% if I like it or not. I find that some episodes are really slow moving sometimes. We tend to have a cup of tea or hot chocolate whilst watching tele on a night (and maybe a few biscuits or creme eggs!).


“Bedtime” is usually around 11pm and we tend to lay and chat when we’re in bed, or rather, I’ll chat and Matt will just make the obligatory acknowledgement noises ;).

What does your typical day look like? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


9 thoughts on “Day In The Life – AtoZ Day 4

  1. I’m retired, so you’d think I’d have ample time to write, but I don’t get much done unless I schedule it into my day. I love #AtoZChallenge because I’m forced to write, and it’s a good way to get into the blogging habit.
    Because my husband, Mr. Here’s-the-plan-today, is also retired, I never know what he has in store. Wherever we go and whatever we do, I try to set aside late afternoon and evenings for writing and marketing. I’m not sure which takes more dedication and energy!
    Thanks for sharing your day.

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