Apprenticeship Update – AtoZ Day 1

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This is the first day of the AtoZ Blog Challenge that I’m taking part in. The way that it usually works is that you’re supposed to pick a theme and then write about it for the whole of April. However, I haven’t *quite* picked a theme, and instead I’m just basically going to be daily blogging all the way up to the 26th of April. Enjoy!

If you saw my 2017 goals post then you’ll know that at the beginning of February I started a new job in digital marketing. It’s actually an apprenticeship, which means that I get a qualification alongside working nine to five at my day job.

I’ve only been there about six weeks but I already LOVE it, I didn’t think I ever wanted to work at an office in a nine to five job but I genuinely love the atmosphere. It was *quite* the change from working as a Barista at Starbucks but I thoroughly enjoyed the transition.

Some of my day-to-day tasks include SEO, writing blog content for clients’ websites, meta descriptions, email marketing and many other things; and I’m still learning! The people that I work with have been SO helpful in teaching me everything that I need to know about digital marketing, and they listen to any questions that I have (however stupid they might be!).

The office environment was never really something that appealed to me, but since starting my new job I’ve found that it’s actually really good to bounce ideas off each other and enquire about what everyone is having for lunch…

The actual apprenticeship side of my job involves me going to academy days where I do written work (sort of like coursework) in order to further develop my knowledge and understanding of digital marketing. It involves a lot of hard work, as I have to learn the theory as well as the actual ‘doing’ of my job, but I’m keen to learn as much as I can.

Digital marketing is an absolutely fascinating field of work to be in, and I’m really hoping that I’ll learn lots of skills that I might be able to use in order to improve this little blog. I’ve already gained so much knowledge in the few short weeks that I’ve been there and I can’t wait to learn more!



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