My Office Desk Essentials

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I love a good interiors post- anything that has pretty cushions, fairy lights and candles and I am obsessed. As I’ve just recently started a new job, I’ve been spending most days at my desk and I’ve found myself becoming increasingly lusting after stationery, so today I thought I’d put together a post on the “essential” items that I keep on my desk. And yes, that does include BBQ Pringles and a chocolate orange.


  1. Pens. All the colourful pens and pencils and felt tips. They’re essential for colour coding the work you need to do…
  2. A LOT of notebooks. I’m pretty sure every blogger will understand that it is imperative to have an abundance of notebooks and you’ll only use approximately two of them.
  3. Lip balm and hand cream.
  4. Painkillers. You’ll be the saviour of the office if you have these as people will invariably get headaches if they stare at a screen all day.
  5. Hand sanitiser. Just think of all those germs on your keyboard. Ew.
  6. It may not be appropriate to do at the office but you could use lots of fairy lights if you have a desk/office at home.
  7. Add personal touches such as photos to make your desk more homely.
  8. Keep a good selection of snacks; I have so many bags of crisps and chocolate that it’s very unlikely I’ll ever run out!
  9. You could add a few candles to your desk to make it more of a relaxed area (although this is probably more suited to your home office).
  10. Other things such as laptops, monitors and phones are also essential, you know, if you actually want to get any work done.

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What kind of things do you keep on your desk, are there any essentials that I’m missing? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


6 thoughts on “My Office Desk Essentials

  1. Hehe “A LOT of notebooks. I’m pretty sure every blogger will understand that it is imperative to have an abundance of notebooks and you’ll only use approximately two of them.” SO TRUE! And I’m totally guilty of buying more when I see perfect ones!

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  2. I have basically exactly the same things on my desk.
    Stationery is my favourite so I have so many different pens and notebooks that actually have no purpose than to look pretty!
    I get easily distracted though so it has to stay more ‘worky’ than homey x

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  3. Snacks and notebooks are the best! I always keep some on my desk along with a box of pencils and some sticky notes! Xx

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