14 Reasons Why I Love Spring

Things to do in spring

If you saw my post about autumn and winter last year then you’ll know that they will always be my favourite seasons, but I do love it when spring comes around too. There’s always more optimism in the air and people generally seem happier. So today I thought I’d put together a little blog post on the reasons why I love spring and the things that I’m looking forward to.

  1. I love when all the blossom trees get their flowers on; they look so pretty and instagramable!
  2. It starts to become acceptable to go out with just a light jacket or jumper on (although I do love wearing lots of layers, it is nice to wear pretty dresses and skirts again.)
  3. There seems to be an overall happy feeling wherever you go; everyone seems to be more uplifted and positive.
  4. Lighter nights and longer days- it’s nice to be able to come home from work while it’s still light!
  5. Similarly, I love waking up to blue skies, (or blueish- I do live in England so we are often prone to a lot of rain!) it makes the start of my day just a little bit better.
  6. My birthday! It usually always falls around the Easter holidays so I’ve never been at school or work on my birthday- and that alone is something to celebrate!
  7. Easter. And ALL of the easter eggs.
  8. Even though I’m definitely not an outdoorsy person, I do enjoy the ability to go on walks instead of being cooped up inside all day.
  9. The anticipation of Summer and everything that comes with it- barbecues, beer gardens and holidays!
  10. The return of PLL! This actually only applies to this year but I’m still SO excited for the season finale.
  11. “No tights season” is finally here.
  12. There’s so much more opportunity to take pictures- this is definitely a bonus for bloggers who usually only have about 2 hours of good sunlight a day to take pictures in the winter!
  13. I always feel more motivated in the spring, while I adore autumn/winter and all the cosiness that comes with it, I’m definitely more lazy as I just want to stay in my pyjamas all day.
  14. There is always a good amount of bank holidays in spring, which means extra days off work to do whatever you want!

reasons why spring is the best

What things do you love about spring? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


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