A Weekend Away In Budapest

Hungarian Parliament Building
Hungarian Parliament Building

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you’ll know that I spent last weekend in Budapest. I booked the trip a few months ago as a surprise birthday present for Matt and I can definitely say that it was a good choice! It was such a beautiful, picturesque place (as you’ll be able to see from the pictures, most of which were actually taken by Matt!) and I would definitely go back there.


Things To Do In Budapest

Budapest Buddha Bar Hotel

We stayed in the Buddha-Bar Budapest Klotild Palace and it was one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in. Everything was decorated in luxurious shades of red, white and black and everywhere smelled so delicious. We chilled out in the room and hotel for a bit and then headed out to explore the city just as it had got dark. Our hotel was located very close to the Danube River on the Pest side (Budapest is actually separated by the river into Buda and Pest, which I didn’t realise until shortly before arriving there!). The city looked incredible at night, all the beautiful buildings were lit up so that they really stood out against the night sky.

budapest danube river
Chain Bridge
Budapest St Stephen's Basilica
St Stephen’s Basilica
Buda Castle Budapest
Buda Castle

These pictures really don’t reflect just how impressive everything was. Everything was so grand and so, so beautiful, I could have literally spent hours just staring at all the buildings!

After we walked along the Chain Bridge and briefly along the river in Buda, we crossed back over the bridge and found somewhere to eat. We discovered a restaurant called TG Italiano and had the most delicious pizzas and Cosmopolitans I’ve ever had! And the cosmos were only around £4.30!

Things to eat in Budapest

Places to eat in Budapest


On Friday morning we woke up fairly early and planned an itinerary for the day ahead (we were both keen to see as much as we could so we made a detailed list of everything we wanted to see/do).

Our first stop was the New York Cafe which served the most amazing brunch food in the most gorgeous setting. I had scrambled eggs with sausages and Matt had the tastiest burger ever! Everything was so reasonably priced and there was even a live band playing while we ate.

Places to eat in Budapest

New York Cafe Budapest
New York Cafe

After brunch we did a LOT of walking (in fact, we managed to walk over 18km on Friday in total!). As we were walking we couldn’t help but notice that nearly every single building had beautiful detailing on it, I didn’t realise just how picturesque Budapest is!

We walked all the way to the Hungarian Parliament Building and I can safely say that it’s one of the most incredible buildings in the world. The exquisite detail really made it stand out and you couldn’t help but admire just how impressive it really is.

Hungarian Parliament Building
Hungarian Parliament Building

things to do in budapest

Hungarian Parliament Building

We also walked along the river to see the Shoes on the Danube River but I didn’t take any pictures here; it was all very surreal and quite upsetting to see.

We got a boat across the river to Buda and it was only £1.20 each! Our next stop was up to the Fishermen’s Bastion which is set upon Buda Castle Hill and features the most breathtaking views.

Fishermen's Bastion
Fishermen’s Bastion
Fishermen's Bastion Budapest
The view from Fishermen’s Bastion

After this, we walked along Castle Hill and saw the palace, which is definitely less impressive during the day than it was at night!

Budapest castle hill

We then began the huge ascent to the Citadella which was beyond exhausting but well worth it for the view. We got there just as the sun was about to set and the whole of Budapest looked so magical.

citadella Budapest

After enjoying the breathtaking views, we began making our way down the enormous hill and headed to Gellért Baths for an evening of relaxation- we definitely needed it after all the walking we’d done!

Gellert baths Budapest

The baths were set in the most beautiful, grand building with high ceilings and ornate decor. We spent about two hours in here, relaxing in the hot water, saunas and steam rooms. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day.


Saturday was actually our ten month anniversary so we decided to have a slightly more chilled out day. Although, we did go to a shooting range in the morning called Celeritas Shooting Club as we’d heard it was a great place to go shooting (I have to say, I wasn’t the biggest fan but Matt absolutely loved it- definitely one for the boys!).

celeritas shooting club Budapest

When we got back to the hotel we decided to go and spend a few hours in the hotel spa before we headed out for the night. Although it was small compared to the previous day’s excursion to the Gellért Baths, we had the whole place to ourselves so it was very calm and relaxing!

We spent a few hours in the hotel room chilling and getting ready for the evening and then we headed out to dinner. We went to the most amazing restaurant that I’ve ever been to called Comme Chez Soi and omfg it was INCREDIBLE. I had garlic pork medallion and Matt had veal schnitzel and everything tasted like heaven. We also had this immense chocolate cake pudding and I’m pretty sure I died and went to heaven- if you ever visit Budapest I would 110% recommend this place! CD517740-EE77-47E4-98B2-56719B627D11

After dinner, we went to a couple of bars for drinks (which were extremely reasonably priced!) and then settled in an Irish bar for the David Haye fight. It was a lovely way to spend our last full day in Budapest.


We didn’t do an awful lot on our final day in Budapest but we did go to an incredible burger place called Lucky 7. We had the most delicious burgers and then collected a few souvenirs before our flight home.


things to do in Budapest
The view from our plane on the way home!

Have you ever been to Budapest? Which places would you recommend for us to visit next? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


36 thoughts on “A Weekend Away In Budapest

  1. What a lovely blog post! I’ve never been to Budapest but it’s high on my list! The New York Cafe looks delish! I love finding lovely places like that for brunches ❤ Also your nighttime shot of Buda Castle is amazing! I'm glad you had such an a amazing time and it didn't cost a bomb to visit, I really recommend any Polish city if you want another cheap break.

    Thanks for sharing with us! xx


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  2. I went to Budapest for a work trip a couple of weeks ago and was really wow-ed by the beautiful buildings too. Didn’t get to go to the baths which everyone recommended but did enjoy some local cuisine in the food market and went up to the Fisherman’s Bastion too, the roof tiles so gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I had no idea it’s separated by a river though! 😅 I had to run some errands but will be back reading thru your blogs soon! Haha 💙✨

        Liked by 1 person

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