One Year Of Driving.

BMW car
My first car that I never even got to drive properly
Today marks the one year anniversary since I passed my driving test. I can safely say it’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done; it’s given me so much freedom. I would definitely recommend to anyone that they should learn to drive as soon as they can.

However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing, (or, plain driving in this case- is that even a thing?!) because since passing my test I’ve managed to use, and subsequently get rid of three cars.

My first one I got for my 17th birthday as a sort of motivator to learn to drive and pass my test, and it did for a while- until my dad crashed it and wrote it off! This car was in the scrapyard before I’d even had the chance to pass my test.

I got my next car on the day that I passed my test, and there was literally no greater feeling than picking it up and driving it away myself- I felt so grown up haha!

ford ka car
My second car that lasted only a few weeks
However, this joy was short lived as a couple of weeks later it had to go into the garage. It’s fair to say that it never came back out as it needed so much work doing to it.

My third car, and the one that I’m still using now, is invariably a piece of crap, in that it doesn’t drive very well but it’s managed to survive almost ten months, and with my experience with cars, I’d say that’s a positive!

The main point of this post wasn’t to moan to you about my bad luck with cars, it was mainly just to encourage you to pass your test as soon as possible! By learning to drive, I’ve been given opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have had; it’s allowed me to visit family who live far away, I’ve been able to explore new places and it also helped me obtain my current job (without a car I wouldn’t have been able to get there!)

So yeah, book those driving lessons now.




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