9 Things To Do When You Have A Night In On Your Own.



I used to love spending time by myself, totally content with my own company. But since moving in with my boyfriend, I’ve become so accustomed to spending the majority of my time with him. On Thursday night, my boyfriend (Matt) was away for the night and it was the first night I’d spent on my own since moving in with him last year. My first thought was; “Yes, I have a night all to myself to do exactly what I want!”. But after approximately 17 minutes of my own company, I quickly became bored. Therefore I decided to write a list of the things I could do with my evening, and I thought I’d share it with you in case you also struggle to last more than 5 minutes on your own… 

  1. Light some delicious smelling candles, create a relaxing atmosphere and prepare to chill out for the evening.
  2. Make a hot chocolate- I made my own last week with some hot milk and then I dropped some chocolate truffles in and omg SO NICE.
  3. Stick a movie or TV programme on; if you’re not keen on your own company, then this is the perfect distraction. Just make sure you don’t watch something that you and your boyfriend agreed to watch together!
  4. Make/eat something delicious. Either order a huge dominoes or just make something carb-filled at home.
  5. Don’t drink alcohol- unless you’re a super fun drunk who can entertain yourself without crying into your glass of wine.
  6. Do something creative; if you’re bored you could write a blogpost, do a colouring book or even start a bullet journal.
  7. Have a mini pamper evening- run a bath, throw in the obligatory lush bath bomb and relax.
  8. Wear fresh pyjamas- if possible stick them in the dryer beforehand for extra cosiness.
  9. Limit your phone time- you may end making yourself feel a bit shit if you’re just sat refreshing Instagram 7 times every fifteen minutes or waiting for bae to reply to your text.img_1122fullsizeoutput_cb6

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