16 Things That Happen When You Move In With Your Boyfriend.

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I officially moved in with my boyfriend at the beginning of November last year and I can quite honestly say it’s been the best thing ever. We’re currently living at his parents’ house while we save for our own place and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, (someone shoot me for being so cheesy).

Since moving in I’ve learned a number of things about what it’s like to live with a boy, so I thought I’d share with you.

  1. He will probably end up stealing (or borrowing) a number of your beauty products, even though he may complain that you have too many. Things like moisturiser, hairspray and dry shampoo.
  2. He will actually enjoy the hygge atmosphere you create, despite claiming it’s too “girly”.
  3. You’ll realise how good he is at listening to your rants, or he may have just zoned out but either way he makes a good therapist.
  4. You absolutely cannot watch a TV show that you’re both obsessed with, without your SO there.
  5. You’ll end up seeing each other in every drunk situation imaginable.
  6. It’s important to make time for specific date nights- ones that include doing something other than a takeaway and Netflix in your pyjamas.
  7. Having said that, chill days are also amazing together.
  8. If he’s away for a few days, you realise how strange it feels to sleep alone.
  9. You’ll realise how much your hair gets everywhere- because he’ll point it out.
  10. If he can handle you when it’s your time of the month then he’s a keeper.
  11. He will see you at your most disgusting, gross state and *hopefully* still love you.
  12. You’ll probably find that he’s really quite messy- and will be rather reluctant to tidy up after himself.
  13. A number of embarrassing situations may arise, like who will be the first to burp or fart.
  14. You’ll be surprised how long it takes him to get ready- it’ll be nowhere near as long as you, but it’s still long enough.
  15. His annoying habits (and yours for that matter) will be magnified immensely- you just have to learn to cope with them.
  16. But at the end of the day, you live with your best friend- and there’s literally nothing better than that.

17 thoughts on “16 Things That Happen When You Move In With Your Boyfriend.

  1. Great post, currently living with my mum to save up and my boyfriend is moving in too in September and I’m so excited! Thank you for this post x

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  2. Ahahahah I absolutely love this post! I am not going to move in with my boyfriend anytime soon but I spent a month at his flat and he was stealing my shampoo (and noticing how soft and shining his hair was). I think there is a long time to adapt for both parties. He would get crazy over some of my habits too ahah! xx Corinne

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  3. Aw I loved this. made me a little sad because I thought about the 6 months I spent living with my boyfriend out in Miami, I tried to move out there but it didn’t work out as he left for army training. So I’m back at home in Colorado for the time being, BUT the 6 months I lived with him were amazing. There were bad days and some fights but we always worked it out – and YES the HAIR! Lol. He pointed out how my hair was literally everywhere, it was so funny. Lovely post! x

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