18 Ways To Feel More Festive This Christmas


  1. Buy some festive scented candles. I usually go for Yankee Candles as they offer so many different seasonal scents.
  2. Have a Christmas movie day- Elf, Love Actually and The Grinch are just some of my favourite seasonal films!
  3. Wear Christmas jumpers.
  4. Have a day of Christmas shopping with someone close to you, there’s nothing better than going shopping with your favourite people and treating others!
  5. Make some festive drinks, such as hot chocolate, mulled wine or mulled cider.
  6. Have a Christmas baking day- make gingerbread treats or go all out and make a Christmas cake!
  7. Spend a full afternoon wrapping Christmas presents.
  8. Go for a drive or a walk to look at all the Christmas lights- there’s a whole street near me that puts a million lights up every year!
  9. Decorate your Christmas tree and make your house all Christmassy.
  10. Have a bath and use the lush Christmas products.
  11. Watch all the Christmas specials of your favourite programmes- some of my favourites include Gavin and Stacey and Miranda.
  12. Similar to decorating, you could cover your house in fairy lights and read a book with a hot chocolate.
  13. Drink ALL the festive drinks from your local coffee shop, although working at Starbucks has sort of took away the novelty of this for me!
  14. Perfect your seasonal makeup- go all out with the sparkly silvers and golds!
  15. Find your perfect party dress.
  16. Enjoy eating all the chocolate and Christmassy foods.
  17. Visit a Christmas market
  18. Enjoy watching all the Vlogmas videos on YouTube.

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