8 Things You’ll Know If Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed With FIFA


  1. You’ll spend a lot of time looking at the back of his head.
  2. You’ll get bored of just watching him play all the time, so you decide to join in, only to find that you’re terrible at it.
  3. You’ll inevitably get sick of the cheering from the virtual crowds in the game.
  4. But you will be sort of impressed when the players do a celebratory dab.
  5. You’ll quite often think he’s talking to you, only to find that he’s talking into his headset and hasn’t even realised that you’re in the room.
  6. You’ll inevitably come home most nights to him playing FIFA and you will literally have to drag him off it.
  7. He’ll try and involve you by telling you about the players but you just don’t have any interest in the names of things unless it’s MAC lipsticks (sorry bae).
  8. He’ll be really happy if he wins but if he loses he’ll probably sulk almost as much as if his real team lost.

Despite the fact that he maybe loves FIFA a *tiny* bit too much, you don’t mind too much as he’s so good to you when he’s not playing.


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